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At Sperry Chiropractic, our patients know that they were born to be healthy. They believe the body needs no help, just simply no interference.  They are ready to get and stay as healthy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I start going will I have to go forever?

We hope that once you begin to feel less pain, more balanced, less stressed and more energetic you will like the feeling. Periodic chiropractic adjustments help to maintain that feeling. Think of it like going to the gym. If your goal is to lose a few pounds you can go to the gym for a short time and succeed. However, if you stop going to the gym you may put back on weight but more importantly you won’t feel as good or be as healthy. You don’t have to go to a dentist forever but periodic cleanings are a good idea. Like a health club work-out or a dental cleaning, periodic spinal check-ups will help you feel and perform your best. If you stop going to the chiropractor, spine and nerve stress may continue to build up as before and if that stress build-up is not relieved, your body and overall health will suffer.

Why would a young child need chiropractic care?

Newborn’s have received spinal adjustments especially after difficult or traumatic births. Young children learning to walk can fall upwards of 30 times each day. These repetitive traumas can cause vertebral misalignments (subluxations). If they are left unchecked bigger problems later in life can develop.

Is chiropractic safe

Chiropractic is among the safest of the healing arts. As proof, one merely has to compare malpractice rates between chiropractors and other health professionals. A thorough examination will be performed to insure that you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

What do I wear during a visit?

You may wear whatever you like. Clothing is not removed during office visits to Sperry Chiropractic. If you are receiving diagnostic testing or x-rays, (most often on your initial visit) you should wear clothes with no metal – such as a sweat suit, or shorts and a tee shirt. Most patients are most comfortable wearing loose fitting clothes.

What exactly is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle force applied to assist the body in the removal of vertebral subluxation. An adjustment is not designed to overpower the body rather to work with the innate forces that exist. It is a specific force given in a specific direction with the intent of removing interference to the flow of innate intelligence.

What education does a chiropractor have?

The basic difference between chiropractic school and medical school is that medical schools provide full instruction in surgery and pharmacology Kama since chiropractors neither prescribe medicine nor perform surgery, Chiropractic schools devote those hours to Chiropractic principles in general and specific manipulative technique. On the other hand, medical schools, as a rule, neither require nor offer courses on manipulation or manipulative therapy. Otherwise, The intensive courses required by chiropractors in the doctoral phase of their education very closely parallel those of medical school. In some cases, chiropractic schools require more hours of instruction in many basic science and medical courses including anatomy, physiology, radiology, rehabilitation, nutrition, and public health.

Can I see a Chiropractor if I have had back surgery or other serious conditions?

Yes. After your fracture or surgery has healed (about 6 to 8 weeks), chiropractic care may help prevent the common occurrence known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”. Chiropractic care may help prevent repeated operations, which often become necessary due to structural changes produced by the initial surgery.

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